Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management (BPM)

To turn intent into action, operational changes need to be driven in the business. To understand and communicate those changes requires a process perspective and to reinforce the behaviour requires measurement.
​People do not come into work to do a bad job. So if they are not performing then the problem is they are badly directed, badly trained or badly motivated. All they ask for is clear direction, the tools to do the job, and the incentives which reinforce that direction. People act as they are measured, so the metrics need to be closely aligned with the desired outcomes.

This is all about changing the hearts and minds of the people in the business. Where most strategies fail is ‘execution’.
Experience on countless projects shows that the only way to get the right level of buy-in is to develop the end to end processes in live workshops, starting at the top.
The 1st workshop needs to be with the CEO and the top team. From there the processes, metrics and sponsorship cascades down the organisation.
​Finally, when this information is made available to the employees, it must be presented in terms of their role or a specific activity for their role. Not as a hierarchy of process diagrams where the employee is left to navigate around to try and interpret what they are expected to do.